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Patch Services, LLC provides thorough and integrated solutions using a strong engineering team to find technically efficient solutions. We strive to achieve a blend of analysis and design combined with hands-on experience which emphasizes innovative approaches coupled with the efficient application and use of materials, equipment and construction methods. Equally important is our commitment to listen thoroughly and understand our client's needs in order to efficiently and economically focus the resources necessary to accomplish the objective. Patch Services provides a full range of engineering capabilities and services including: 

  • Preparation of Project Scope Basis Documents

  • Owners Engineer

  • Project Execution Planning

  • Permitting

  • Plant Up-Grades and Modernizations

  • Process Engineering

  • Foundation, Civil and Structural Design

  • Piping Systems

  • Mechanical Equipment Selection and Specification

  • Materials Selection and Specifications

  • Electrical Power and Control Systems

  • Process Control and Instrumentation Systems


Patch Services, LLC is a widely diversified, merit shop construction company with expertise in the construction of industrial facilities and process plants. Our services range from full engineering, procurement, and construction of grassroots projects, to retrofits and maintenance of existing plants.

Our construction staff is made up of professionals with extensive experience in heavy industrial construction projects. Our skills include all aspects of construction management and supervision, field procurement, material control, construction, testing, and start-up. We are a strong and aggressive construction organization experienced and poised to build.

Our field workforce consists of a large cadre of experienced craftsmen and first-line supervisory personnel. Both supervisors and craftsmen have extensive backgrounds in construction and are excellent candidates for assignments to a variety of projects. This nucleus is complimented with locally qualified personnel, and as required, skilled labor is recruited on a national and international level.

Patch utilizes merit shop concepts. This affords us the ability to provide our clients with the qualified craft labor necessary to achieve optimum composite wage rates and on-schedule performance. This helps us assure that the construction objectives of our clients can be accomplished in the most effective, efficient and timely manner.

Recognizing the enormous capital and personnel resources consumed by a construction project, our goal is to provide our clients with the critical link between a functional design, the purchase/delivery of equipment and materials and quality construction.

Patch Services' construction management teams are skilled professionals with extensive hands-on field experience. Our proven Construction Management Systems assure that the engineering deliverables, equipment, materials, personnel, tools, and construction equipment continuously feed the field staffing levels required for on budget, on schedule performance of the work. This may be accomplished through selective involvement in the project or by the commitment of full-time personnel to execute the project. Significant factors considered in providing construction management services are:

  • Construction Scope and Execution Plan

  • Construction Management Systems

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Project Schedule

  • Subcontract Scope Definition/Evaluation

  • Major Material Sourcing, Fabrications, and Delivery

  • Field Materials Management


To support the efforts of our Developer Clients in a mix of opportunity coupled with high levels of uncertainty, Patch has assumed the lead role of providing engineering and technical expertise required to satisfy the permitting process, as well as the project and construction management leadership required to build the facility. 

Assembled as a comprehensive engineering and environmental assessment document, the permitting process requires a comprehensive level of engineering to technically describe all the plant systems. Typically, the plant's power island uses large frame gas turbines operating in a combined cycle. Permitted as either a Pure Merchant Plant or as a Qualifying Facility, Patch Services' responsibilities typically include:

  • Project Description Narrative and Plant General Arrangements

  • Gas Turbine Operating Performance

  • Heat and Mass Balance

  • Emissions Control Equipment and Required Performance

  • Cooling System Design

  • Water Quality and Water Treatment Program

  • Switchyard Design and Layout

  • Transmission System Design including EMF Analysis

  • Project Milestone Schedule, Resource Loaded

  • Construction Equipment Schedule

  • Routing and Sizing of Plant Linears

  • Develop, evaluate and award EPC and Major Equipment Contracts

  • Owners Engineer

Throughout the process, Patch Services works closely with the Project Development Team to support the extensive environmental assessments required for the project.

In addition to satisfying the engineering needs fo the Permit process, Patch Services also provides the technical narrative, drawings and graphical presentations necessary to describe the plant and its operation. Prior to and following Permit submittal, Patch participates with our clients to present and review plant design issues at Energy Commission heartings as well as to local interest groups. Throughout the extensive Permitting process, Owner-Engineer services are provided to support financing and construction contracting requirements.

Patch Services' vast knowledge and decades of experience allow us to provide our clients with real-time knowledge and experience. Our goal is to continue our efforts in order to offer our clients the most current, technically comprehensive Permitting and Project support available.

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