Patch Services is participating in a number of Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Generating projects in the United States. These range in size from 20MW to 150MW Photovoltaic projects to a large 650MW Solar Thermal project. Providing engineering and technical support to the projects, Patch Services' responsibilities range from the conceptual and preliminary engineering required to support project Permitting and LIcensing requirements, to detailed engineering and Issuing for Construction documents required for Construction Management services.


The typical engineer and technical support provided in the licensing phase of the project includes both conceptual engineering design as well as preliminary engineering design. Responsible for the development and preparation of the Project Description, which forms the Design Basis for the project, the following engineering control documents are developed and included in the Licensing Applications:

  • Development of the heat and mass balance

  • Process Flow Diagrams, Water Balance, Equipment Data Sheets, PFD's and P&ID's

  • Selection of the Steam Turbine, Air Cooled Condensers, Feed Water Pumps, Water Treatment System, Tankage and other major mechanical equipment

  • General Arrangements for the Solar Field and the Power Block

  • Site Grading and Drainage Plan

  • Develop the Projects Engineering, Procurement and Construction Schedule

  • Preparation of the Transmission Application for Interconnection to the CAISO

  • Electrical Single-Line, MCC Specification, raceway layouts, cable and conduit schedules and grounding diagrams

  • Concrete foundations for all Equipment, pipe, and electrical supports and buildings

  • Detailed Piping Design

  • Pipe and Valve specifications

  • Pipe stress analysis and design of engineered pipe supports

  • Preparation of bid documents for equipment and material

  • Technical evaluation of vendor proposals and vendor recommendations

  • Process Control Narrative

  • Coordination with local Engineer Agencies including the local Fire Marshall

  • Preparation of discipline specifications required for the project

  • Participating in all phases for the California Energy Commission's Licensing process


Patch Services is committed to the renewable sector of energy generation. Biomass involvement is one of the many approaches in which we demonstrate our commitment to developing innovative and economically successful projects for the generation of clean renewable energy.

Patch Services is participating in various Biomass projects throughout the United States. We are completing all of the engineering services required to design and construct each facility. For these projects, Patch Services is providing:

  • Overall design and Construction Details

  • Development of the heat and mass balances

  • Process Flow Diagrams and Equipment Data Sheets

  • Selection of the Steam Turbines, Fuel Silos, Fuel Handling Conveyors, Boilers, Condensers as well as other major mechanical equipment

  • Specified components of the engineered equipment and provided process control integration

  • Developed Logic and Schedule for Project Management and Completion

  • Preparation of Electrical Interconnection Applications

  • Preparation of the Electrical Single-Line

  • Preparation of discipline Specifications required


Patch Services has multi-partnering relationships with several entities providing true R&D efforts for the generation of clean energy. Patch has worked with a number of partners in achieving the process of developing a truly unique and innovative technology for the production of steam to drive a steam turbine and capture commercial-grade CO2. Patch Services has presented technical papers at the world's largest Power Generation Event. 

Patch services responsibilities in these revolutionary projects include:

  • Development of the PFD's

  • Development of the P&ID's 

  • Equipment selection necessary to support CES's proprietary Gas Generator

  • Detailed engineering required to construct 500KW Pilot Plant